Anonymous said: Oo! That kickstarter was you? Cool. Backed it because another blog I follow mentioned it. Didn't realise I "knew" (read: follow) the creator :)

Thanks for backing it! I appreciate your support.

Bicycle® Arcana Playing Cards

Dearest Magic Missile followers,

I hate to deviate from the usual fantasy content, but I’m in need. My name is Colton, and I’m the meat puppet which serves the MM. I’ve also just launched my first kickstarter, into which I poured my love for fantasy which brings you this blog. If you would spare the time to follow the link to my video (and maybe even share or donate), I would be so very grateful. 

No more shameless self promotion for now, back to the usual immersive fantasy. Thank you for your time.

<3 Colton


The Bicycle® Arcana kickstarter is now live! Check out the link below!

Dearest followers, the Magic Missile hopes that you will check out this kickstarter and maybe give it a like or a tweet or something. 

Today, in Seattle, it is cloudy and the Missile is excited for Autumn.
Kessig by Jungpark
King Raven by Yousaf Ejaz

engaging-curiosity said: I pray that there is no end to the wonderful art you provide.

Fear not, for The Missile exists halfway outside of space-time, and is therefor at least half eternal.

The magic don’t stop.

Art by Paul Lasaine

engaging-curiosity said: No arrow can return to its bow. Is the same true of a missile and its caster? Awesome blog

 It is so - for those other missiles, but not this one. This magic missile is The Magic Missile.

Thank you, Great Cat. You are as wise as you are kind.

The Iron Wolf Barbarians by Noah Bradley
Winter Hunt by Ninjatic

Anonymous said: Is it difficult to run a tabletop RPG when you have no hands, no eyes, and are literally just a bolt of magical force?


bird-o-ashes said: Do you participate in RPGs?

The Missile most certainly does! In fact I use a lot of these images for when I’m DMing. A slide show of good/relevant art and music can really engage your players in the setting.